Simplify the Management of your Student Events

At Simplissimo, our goal is to make life easier for the Festival Chairs and Committees. Our software simplifies running a festival, competition, or adjudication, so the focus is on students and making music.

What We Do

Simplissimo solves the common pain points of running a festival, adjudication, or competition.


Stop mailing forms. Move your registration online in no time with our simple, customizable registration form. Online payments are integrated so the money goes straight into your association’s bank account. No more driving checks to the bank.


No more shuffling papers and worrying about forgetting a student. Our Drag & Drop builder makes building out your schedule easy (and maybe even fun!). Once your schedule is complete, you can send it to all your teachers with one easy click! 


When your schedule is ready, you can publish it to all participating teachers with the click of a button. The days of copying & pasting schedules are over.  Maps and directions are easy to attach as well. Voila! The festival is planned & ready to go!

Drag & Drop Builder

No more shuffling papers or complicated spreadsheets. Our Drag & Drop schedule builder makes it really simple to see everything at a glance.

No More Lost Registrations

Don’t worry about it, We double and triple check that each of your registrations has a slot and we warn you when they don’t.

Online Payments - Straight To Your Bank

Stop taking paper checks to the bank. Let teachers pay with a card and have it go straight to your bank account.

Customizable Registration Form

Customize our default registration form to fit your festival’s needs and let teachers register as many students as they want at one time.

Send Schedules With One Click

Stop copying and pasting schedules into endless e-mails. Simplissimo does all that work for you.

Affordable Pricing

$2 per student registration covers the cost of credit card processing and all Simplissimo features. Most chapters simply raise their participation fee to cover the cost and participants are happy to pay a little extra for a better experience. 

Awesome, Friendly Support

We’re here for you every step of the way. Need something special, let us know and we’ll do our best to make managing your event simple.

Top-Notch Security

All our pages use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt registrations as they are sent to our server. We use Stripe for payment processing to make sure all transactions are completely secure.

Let’s Get Started

Use the form to the right to send us an email about your event and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can. Prefer to talk to someone? Call or text Axel @  817.381.6321 (leave him a voicemail if he doesn’t answer so he can call you back).